Future Plans

Class Expansion

Our Victoria Road campus was specifically designed with 24 standard classrooms and spaces for various occasions and activities. Conscious of our environmental responsibility and following the architectural tradition of St. Paul’s family, the state-of-the-art campus embraces its uniqueness. In the school year of 2016/17, we started to run the fourth class of J. C. 1 and would be expanded to 24 classes by 2021/2022.

Virtues from the ‘Giver’s Heart’

Our school pursues academic excellence providing our students with quality teaching and learning opportunities. To best equip them with skills necessary for challenges of the 21st century, we build on our strengths and Christian values to instil the core values of the ‘Giver’s Heart’ in our students with the moral fruits of ‘Gratitude’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Virtuousness, ‘Empathy’ and ‘Resilience’.

Global Classroom

“Global Classroom” is a programme tailor-made by the St. Paul’s family to provide more learning opportunities for students. We believe that what students learn within a classroom can help them lay the foundations of knowledge while it is of equal importance that the school trains up future pillars of the society, broaden their world horizons and instil the responsibilities of a world citizen in them. We, therefore, provide our students with a variety of unique learning opportunities across different stages of their school life and at different times every year so that they can learn beyond the classroom. “Global Classroom” provides students with precious learning opportunities outside the classroom. Not only do they learn more and understand more about the world but they also build up their courage and confidence to face new challenges. Above all, they learn to be thankful for what they are given and strive to give.

Space for Activities

Our campus provides spacious and comprehensive facilities to enable our pupils in getting the most in their learning. We strive to enhance and enlarge all possible learning spaces to help facilitate a greater variety of learning experiences for students. To cater for the development of our boys, we are planning for building an extension to our current campus offering above-standard facilities such as a swimming pool, an auditorium, a STEM classroom, a multi-media room as well as special rooms for various purposes. We believe that the upgraded learning environment helps unleash students’ potential, promote learning effectiveness and foster self-regulated learning from which an enjoyable learning experience can be gained.