Headmaster's Message

On behalf of all of our staff and students, I welcome you to the St. Paul’s College Primary School community. Proud of its humble beginnings and long history, SPCPS is committed to nurturing our boys’ mind, body and soul. We look forward to carrying on the traditions which have been established, and exploring new ways to enrich our school so as to bring out the best in every child that comes under our care.

Our ethos is summed up in the College song: “Brothers, here we stand together, all for each and each for all”. We strive to provide a vibrant, caring, happy and healthy environment conducive to boys’ learning based on mutual trust and respect. We expect our boys to be part of an interdependent and cohesive community - one which values each boy for his skills and talents and moves towards continuous self-improvement as part of a learning community.

We are committed to equipping our boys with the 21st century learning skills (4C's: critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating) which are vital to success in school and beyond. Academic excellence and high expectations are critical parts of our value systems. However, the character building virtues based on the school values of a ‘GIVER’S HEART’, namely, Gratitude, Integrity, Virtuousness, Empathy and Resilience are also carefully integrated into the 12-year education in the SPC community.

Blessings to all for an amazing school year!

Mak Chi Ho Michael


St. Paul’s College Primary School