Facilities And Resources

Designed to provide a quality learning environment for our students, the new primary school campus is  a testament to the School’s continuous growth and development. It provides modern and comprehensive facilities to enable our pupils in getting the most benefit through the expansion of recreational areas that promote a healthy school life.

Main Facilities 

·    24 standard classrooms plus 6 small teaching rooms

·     an assembly hall

·     two computer rooms, two music rooms, two   
language rooms, two visual art rooms and
a general studies room 

·    a media studio 

·    a library

Special Facilities

·    a conference room

·    a parent resource room, a studentactivity room and a guidance activity room

·    a school chapel 

·    a spacious on-campus drop-off area 

Environmentally Friendly Provisions

·     green roofs

·     solar energy system

·     water saving system

·     open corridors outside classrooms 

Sports And Recreational Facilities

·     three playgrounds  

·     multi-purpose areas  

·     an outdoor running track 

·      in-campus swimming pool under planning