1851 St. Paul’s College was founded by the Revd. Vincent Stanton.
1950 After the Second World War, Col. E. G. Stewart (Headmaster 1930-1941, 1951-1958) reopened St. Paul’s College. Some upper primary classes were included.
1960 The new six-year primary school was officially opened, with the Revd. Chiu Lin-chun as Headmaster.
1969 The Revd. Chiu Lin-chun retired.  Mr. Leung Chung-por was appointed Headmaster of the Primary School.
1992 The Primary School was relocated from Bonham Road to Hill Road.
1993 The Primary School became a whole-day school with twelve classes, gradually expanded to eighteen classes.
1995 The PTA of the Primary School was set up.
2001 Mr. Leung Chung-por retired.  Mrs. Yvonne Chan was appointed Headmistress of the School.
2003 One Year after St. Paul’s College had joined the Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS), the Primary School became a DSS school.
2013 The Primary School campus was relocated from Hill Road to Victoria Road.
2016 Mrs. Yvonne Chan retired.  Mr. Michael Mak Chi-ho was appointed Headmaster of the School.  
In the same year, the Primary School started to run the 4th class of JC1.  The school would be expanded to 24 classes by 2021.