Extra Curricular Activities

Our school provides a diverse selection of non-academic learning programmes to help students discover, develop and stretch their interests and potential so that they can develop a healthy, positive attitude towards life.

Co-curricular Activities (CCAs)

CCAs are carried out in two consecutive periods within the timetable every Friday based on the idea of ‘learning through fun’. By taking part in various activities, students can develop their multiple intelligences as well as their interests and talents. Learning areas for J. C. 1 to 3: For J. C. 1, students can sample Arts and Creation; for J. C. 2, students can experience Science and Technology; for J. C. 3, students can explore the language and communication. J. C. 4-6 students can opt for two different CCA activities every year so that they can develop their own interests. In addition, “Self-enhanced Programmes” are also in place during the CCA periods, includings sports (basketball, table tennis and volleyball), music (solo voice, Chinese drums, handbells and recorder ensemble), arts (Arts Kids), language (Putonghua drama and debate), and science and technology (Little Scientists). This scheme allows students to receive specialised, continuous and systematic training so that they can build on their own strengths.

Activities during Recess

At recess, students can also join in a variety of activities. There are various sports activities like basketball, football, table tennis, rock-climbing and eco-cycling. They can also read books in the library, learn Maths through the fun-filled activities at the “Mathematics Corner”, appreciate broadcast radio programmes during the lunch break, do self-learning online in the Computer Room, take part in English activities led by native English teachers and serve as Green Captain in the school garden. J. C. 4-6 students can take up a number of leading roles, such as English ambassadors, Putonghua ambassadors, student librarians, IT helpers, music ambassadors, or sports ambassadors in order to lead and serve in different group activities. This helps nurture their leadership and the spirit of serving others.

School Teams

A variety of school teams conduct regular training after school. In sports, we have Football Team, Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Badminton Team, Table-tennis Team, Fencing Team, Rope Skipping Team, Athletics Team and Swimming Team. There are various music groups, such as the School Choirs, Wind Band, String Orchestras, Folk Song Group, and Chinese Drum Band. We also have language and speech training for Putonghua, Cantonese and English as well as the Choral Speaking Teams, English Drama Team and English Debate Team. In the disciplines of Mathematics and Information Technology, the school runs the Little Reporter, Campus TV and Budding Scientists programmes. There are also various interest groups, such as the Go Team and Chinese Calligraphy Team. Our Fellowship meets regularly under the supervision of Christian teachers. Furthermore, there are service groups, like the Scouts, Cub Scouts and CYC. Through different kinds of training and competitions, students can continuously build on their talents and abilities.

Life-wide Learning

In line with the mainstream curriculum, students of different levels are arranged to join various educational visits, like visiting museums, art galleries, government departments and large parks.

The school organises outdoor learning activities such as Picnic Day and educational camps to expose students to nature annually. We also run on-campus activities, such as English Day, Reading Day, Lantern Riddles Day, Charity Flower Sale and STEM workshops, so that students can gain diversified other learning experiences in their school life.

Different entities are also invited to conduct talks, workshops and give performances to enrich students’ learning experience. Moreover, a variety of competitions are held every year, such as Sports Day, Swimming Gala, Singing Contest, Storytelling Competition, and G.S. Quiz. In order for students to demonstrate their talents, there are a wide array of demonstrations and performances, such as string orchestra workshops, drama shows and CCA work displays.