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Evelyn Rose
Luxury Gift Set

The ultimate way to enjoy our sophisticated signature scent, created especially for us by world-renowned rose expert David Austin. Five exquisite Evelyn Rose bath & body luxuries are carefully tucked into this jewel-toned fabric box you’ll use over and over again.


* Evelyn Rose Bath & Shower Gel (250mL/ 8.45 fl oz)
* Evelyn Rose Body Lotion (250mL/ 8.3 fl oz)
* Evelyn Rose Body Cream (100ml/ 3.55 oz)
* Evelyn Rose Eau de Toilette (100mL/ 3.4 fl oz)
* Evelyn Rose Triple-milled Soap (40g/ 1.4 oz)

Fragrance: An elegant and sophisticated rose scent with subtle nuances of peony and a velvety peach accord.

PRICE: $595